Song Writing is the Best

songs by cora

why i write songs

 The reason why I write songs is to express my feelings about life and love. I started writing songs in 2008 and I am still writing. Writing songs helps me unwind and express my feelings in a way that is different. Song writing is a very interesting and fun thing to do instead of keeping a diary. One minor setback is you can't write an awesome song in one day. Some songs take me a week to finish writing others 3-4 days. Where as some I can write in a matter of hours, it just depends on how much inspiration you have for each song. My favorite thing to do is write songs because it really helps me express myself. Below is a list of all the songs I have written click on the name of the song to see the lyrics. My first few songs are my worst song but I decided to post them anyway. I hope you enjoy reading them.

The list of my songs

1. Why am i feeling this way

2. The tears I cry

3. That's what I say

 4. Likes and love

5. C.R.U.S.H.

6. Is he the guy

7. People lie

8. Broken

9. Unbelievable

10. I think I'm in love

11. Undeniable

12. I hate love 

13. Too close

14. Wonderful day 

15. Thinking about you

16. Movin' on

17. I can't say hi

18. Friday

19. At first sight

20. I keep dreaming

21.Some one who cares

22. Courage

23. Bad luck

24. New love

25. Hate

26. Try to make a difference

27. Cruel

28. Deep love

29. I believe in you 

30. I'm falling for you

31. Life is life

32. Do what's right

33. I love you

34. Why did you lie

35. I've fallen again

36. It's your move

37. My friend's B-day song

38. Think about what you say 

39. I wish I knew how

40. I just realized

41. Don't Blame Yourself

42. I'm starting to fall in love

43. You have no clue

44. Why do I feel like I'm living a lie?

45. Write what I can't shout

46. I'd rather*

47. I still love you*

48. We used to be friends

49. I still have hope*

50. Save the night time

51. You can't know

52. I thought....*

53. I have a chance??

54. You've always been there

55. I know it's not right

56. I feel at peace

57. Next summer

58. I think I'm starting to fall

59. I'm sick of people putting me down

60. Do we?...*

61. You are doing this*

62. I think about you all the time

63. I'm complicated

64. How can I still love him?*

65. The South Dakota song*

66. Make up your mind*

67. Do you even care?*

68. Thank you!!*

69. I need someone

70.You could make a difference

71. No one knows me

72. Good friend

73. Save me from myself


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